2018-19 Call for Applications (sent April 17, 2018)

From:    Michael S. Levine, Interim Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel

Date:     April 17, 2018

Subject: 2018-19 Negotiated Salary Trial Program Participation

Dear Colleagues,


As announced recently by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Scott Waugh, the Negotiated Salary Trial Program (NSTP) has been extended for another four years, with a review after the third year and a possible fifth year as a transition year should the program be terminated. UCLA was part of the initial pilot program and will continue to take part in the extended trial. As in the previous years, all academic units not participating in the Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) are eligible to join the program, and all eligible faculty may request to participate in the trial.

Similar to the well-established HSCP, the NSTP is a general campus negotiated salary plan that allows ladder-rank and in-residence faculty from participating schools and divisions to voluntarily contribute external funding resources toward their total UC salary. The total UC salary consists of a faculty member’s base salary plus a negotiated salary component that may not exceed 30 percent of the base salary. The negotiated salary is effective for a one-year period corresponding with the University fiscal cycle of July 1 through June 30. To participate, faculty members must be in good standing with regard to teaching, research, and service obligations, and remain compliant with all applicable University policies, procedures, and training requirements.

NSTP Phase Two is scheduled to start in July 2018. Attached are the campus implementing procedures and the NSTP request form that have been updated in accordance with the systemwide guidelines. These documents provide additional clarity and guidance on the implementation of the NSTP. For the most part, the rules governing the pilot trial still apply to the second trial. The major difference is with the acceptable use of external funds. During the extended trial, the negotiated salary component must be funded through external sources that the faculty member has access to due to research, teaching or outreach activities. Intercampus start-up funds or discretionary funds located in the department, school or division are not allowed, as a rule, to support a negotiated salary component. If you require any further information, please contact Rong Jiang at rjiang@conet.ucla.edu.

The 2018-19 program runs from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. If your school or division is already participating in the 2017-18 NSTP, you may start the salary negotiation process immediately. All of your proposals must be made using the attached Compensation Request Form. If your school or division is currently NOT participating in the NSTP, you may ask to join the program by submitting an email request to me no later than April 30, 2018. Upon approval of request, you may proceed according to the campus implementation plan.

The deadline for submitting NSTP requests to the Academic Personnel Office (APO) is July 31, 2018. Unlike previous years where applications were due well before merits and range adjustments were decided, this year’s submission deadline is set after July 1 salary determinations. My hope is that the shift in the timing of submission can relieve your staff of the burden of revising and resubmitting those application forms.

All NSTP compensation request forms must be completed, signed, and sent electronically to Rong at rjiang@conet.ucla.edu by the July 31 deadline. Requests submitted after the deadline will be automatically rejected without being reviewed.



Michael Levine
Interim Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel


cc: Erika Chau, Executive Director, Academic Personnel Office
Esther Hamil, Associate Director, Academic Personnel Office
Rong Jiang, Manager of Research and Analysis, Academic Personnel Office