Special Liaison for Faculty Development

Belinda TuckerBelinda Tucker

Special Liaison for Faculty Development

Professor Emerita of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences

Professor Tucker trained as a social psychologist and survey researcher at the University of Michigan and joined UCLA as a research psychologist in 1978. She has enjoyed a long history of administrative service at UCLA, including acting director of what was then the Center for Afro-American Studies (1989-1991) and associate dean in the Graduate Division (2007-2011).  From 2011-2016, Professor Tucker was the inaugural Vice Provost of UCLA’s Institute of American Cultures, where she oversaw the operations of the ethnic studies research centers. Professor Tucker has played a significant leadership role in the development of critical campus-wide initiatives (now studied nationwide) to enhance the climate for diversity at UCLA. She is also currently president of the Faculty Center Board of Governors.

On the academic side, from 2003-2009, Professor Tucker was the national director of the Family Research Consortium IV, a U.S. based collaborative network of scholars focused on family mental health, as well as its affiliated national postdoctoral fellowship training program, both funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. For over 30 years, Professor Tucker has examined the nature of close-personal relationships in sociocultural context, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods in national and local studies and has authored numerous publications on family formation, couple relationships, inter-ethnic relations and research methodologies.

She is available to Academic Senate faculty and administrators throughout the campus by email at btucker@conet.ucla.edu and by phone at (310) 206-9379.