New APM 430

F I N A L I Z E D   P O L I C Y

May 29, 2014


Re: New APM 430, Visiting Scholars and Other Visitors

The Office of the President has issued a new policy on Visiting Scholars, Academic Personnel Policy 430, Visiting Scholars and Other Visitors, effective July 1, 2013.

The University of California encourages and values visitors from other institutions to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge, to participate in research, to collaborate with University faculty and other academic personnel, to pursue scholarly activities, and to develop reciprocal individual and institutional relationships.

Visitors who come to the University at the invitation of an academic unit and engage in academic activities under the supervision of an academic appointee, fall into two broad categories: those who are scholars established in their fields and those who are Undergraduate and Graduate Students enrolled in institutions other than the University of California.  

APM 430 creates a new title (following the elimination of the Postgraduate Research title, a title which had been used flexibly to accommodate a spectrum of visitors with various reasons for visiting the University of California). The main components of the new policy are as follows:

(1)  It creates three categories of scholars listed in APM 430-4:


a)     Visiting Scholars (WOS), Title Code 3299


b)     Visitors-Graduate Student (WOS), Title Code 3730


c)      Visitors-Undergraduate Students (WOS), Title Code 3731



(2)  While these visitors must be self-supporting and are not employees or students of the University, the provision identifies allowable forms of reimbursement and supplementary support, APM 430-20(d) and (e); and,


(3)  It provides that visitors are bound by the rules and policies of the University of California.


This policy applies to both domestic and international visitors and thus is relevant to the Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars.  However, it does not provide instruction related to Visa classification; however compliance with all federal, University and campus regulations related to Visa sponsorship are a condition for appointment of non-citizens under APM 430.

An appendix to The CALL providing implementing details for APM 430 will be circulated this Summer.

The policy can be found online at:



Carole Goldberg
Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel
Jonathan D. Varat Distinguished Professor of Law

cc:  Vice Provost Robin L. Garrell, Graduate Education
       Director Shideh Hanassab, Dashew Center