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Updated Academic Personnel Guidance re: COVID-19 Related Leaves - October 2021

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, the time in which to use EPSL has been extended through 6/30/22.  The Academic Personnel Guidance Regarding COVID-19 Related Leaves has been updated along with the EPSL form.  The SHR COVID-19 Related Leaves Guidance has also been updated and a communication has been posted on UCNet.

Please share the updated guidance and form with others at your location.  In addition to the extension through 6/30/22, the most notable changes are the elimination of Reason 6 (“other substantially similar condition specified by HHS Secretary”) and the change in name to “Extended EPSL.” 


Please let us know if you have any questions.






Kimberly Grant

Director, Academic Policy and Policy Exceptions

Academic Personnel and Programs

University of California Office of the President