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Regents' Professor and Regent's Lecturer Programs

The Regents of the University of California have established the Regents’ Professor and Regents' Lecturer Programs (RPLP), which permits the appointment, on a visiting basis, of distinguished leaders from non-academic fields to enrich our instructional program and increase students' exposure to a diverse range of successful professionals, artists and others.

A Regents’ Professor serves for one quarter and is normally assigned responsibility for the instruction of one or more courses at the discretion of the department chair. The term of service for a Regents' Lecturer should be at least one week and may not exceed two weeks. Regents’ Lecturers are expected to be available for participation in the instructional activities of the sponsoring department and other interested academic units and for informal consultations with students and faculty. Since teaching and student contact are essential under this program, Regents’ Lecturer appointments are to be scheduled during the instructional period when students may enjoy the maximum benefit of these appointments. At the invitation of the responsible instructors, Regents’ Lecturers may address regular class sessions. Each Regents’ Lecturer and Regents’ Professor normally gives one public lecture.

Each school, college, or officially designated division within a school or college may submit as many as three nominations. Nominations by an organized research unit must be co-sponsored by an academic department. Academic units should contact potential nominees in advance to assure their availability. A nomination should include a curriculum vitae (CV): employment history, information on professional achievements, awards and honors, publications and/or creative work. In addition, it should indicate specifically what the nominee’s teaching activities and student contact will be and how the nominating academic unit will benefit from the appointment. Because of the competitive nature of this program, a full presentation of the nominees’ credentials is essential. The academic quarter proposed for residence should be noted in the letter of nomination.

Appointees to these titles are subject to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. It is necessary to establish the citizenship status of a nominee before a financial commitment is made and before the arrival of an appointee. The office submitting a nomination should review the current visa status of a candidate at the earliest possible date.

Regents' Professor and Lecturer Recipients 2019 - Present

Regents' Professor and Lecturer Recipients 2011-2019



A Department Chair forwards nominations to the Dean with comments. The Dean then forwards the nominations to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Development with an overall priority listing and comments.

Nominations are reviewed and recommendations are made to the Chancellor. Please note that Regents’ Lecturer appointments are subject to Chancellor’s approval while Regents’ Professor appointments require the approval of the Board of Regents.

DUE DATES FOR 2024-2025

Call for Nominations 2024-2025

Regents' Professor nominations are due February 1, 2024
Regents' Professor Application 2024-25

Regents' Lecturer nominations are due March 15, 2024
Regents’ Lecturer Application 2024-25

The host unit responsibilities: 

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