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Clinical Associate Series


I. Definition of the Clinical Associate Series

The Clinical Associate title is a non-salaried, volunteer appointment for University- paid staff physicians and other clinicians who practice at a facility that has a formal affiliation with UCLA, including University-managed clinics or practices as well as satellite healthcare facilities with which the University has a formal affiliation. Clinical Associates are responsible for delivering high-quality patient care, the acceptable standards for which are based on appropriate licensure, credentials, and review by their peers. Because they have no formal teaching or research obligations, Clinical Associates are non-faculty academic appointees.    (APM – 350)

II. Characteristics of Series

A. Title

There are no ranks associated with the Clinical Associate title. The word “Professor” is not to be included in the title.

B. Terms of Service

1. The initial appointment to the Clinical Associate title shall have a specified end date and may be for a maximum term of five years. Subsequent reappointments may be for a maximum term of five years.

2. Notwithstanding the appointment or reappointment term, all Clinical Associate appointments are contingent upon the following conditions and will end if either condition is no longer met: a) the individual continues to actively practice at the UCLA-affiliated facility, and b) an affiliation agreement between the University and the UCLA-affiliated facility remains in effect.

3. The University may terminate the appointment before the end of its term without prior notice.

4. APM – 145, Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Layoff and Involuntary Reduction in Time, and APM – 150, Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Corrective Action and Dismissal, do not apply to appointees in this series.


III. Appointments and Promotions

A. Advancement in Rank within the Series

There are no ranks associated with the Clinical Associate title.

B. Criteria for Appointment

The following criteria are applied when evaluating a candidate for appointment:

  1.  evidence of professional competence, which may be met by specialty or subspecialty board certification;
  2.  evidence of current state licensure or the equivalent;
  3.  continuing practice at the UCLA-affiliated facility; and
  4.  satisfactory performance, as assessed and documented by peer review at that facility.

C. Conditions for Appointment

  1.  Appointment to the title of Clinical Associate is on a volunteer basis and does not constitute employment at the University of California.
  2.  A Clinical Associate is bound by the relevant rules and policies of the University of California.
  3.  Transfer of Clinical Associate appointees to another University title requires academic review. Appointment to another University title may be made after a competitive search that embraces equal opportunity and diversity, provided that the individual meets the appointment criteria associated with that title.
  4.  An appointment as Clinical Associate expires on the specified end date and the University is not obligated to provide written notice. It is within the University’s sole discretion not to reappoint an individual. APM-137, Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Term Appointment, does not apply to the Clinical Associate title.
  5.  Appointees are not eligible for emeritus status, tenure, Academic Senate membership, merit equity review, or sabbatical leave.

D. Authority to Appoint

Appointment and/or reappointment shall be reviewed and approved by the Department Chair and/or the Dean as appropriate to the School.