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Appendices to the UCLA CALL.

Appendix 1: Guidelines for Department Chairs and Other Recommending Officers
Appendix 2: Synopsis of APM 220 80-c, d, e and h
Appendix 3: Guide to the Documentation of Effective Teaching
Appendix 4: Voting Rights in Academic Personnel Matters
Appendix 5: Instructions to Review & Appraisal Committees
Appendix 6: Appointment and Advancement of Assistant Professors at UCLA
Appendix 7: Instructions to Review and Appraisal Committees for the Professor of Clinical (X) Series
Appendix 8: Instructions to Review and Appraisal Committees for the Health Sciences Clinical Professor Series
Appendix 9: Procedures and Criteria for the Review of Lecturers (PSOE and SOE)
Appendix 10: Criteria for Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement and Instructions for Transfer of Series in the Professional Research Series
Appendix 11: Evaluating Administrative Titles
Appendix 12: Five-Year Reviews
Appendix 13: Policy Applicable to the Use of Assistant Professor Steps V and VI and Associate Professor Steps IV and V
Appendix 14: Guide to the Computation of Years of Service Which Count Toward the Eight-Year Limit
Appendix 15: Joint and Split Appointments
Appendix 16: Guidelines for the Use of Studio Professor
Appendix 17: Summary of UCLA Policy on Off-Scale Salaries
Appendix 18: Policies and Procedures for UCLA Endowed Chairs, Endowments, and Professorial Name Chairs
Appendix 19: Conflict of Commitment and Outside Professional Activities
     Conflict of Commitment Scenarios
Appendix 20: Access to Personnel Records
Appendix 21: Employment of Near Relative
Appendix 22: Summary of Recruitment Policy
Appendix 23: Faculty Search Guidelines
Appendix 24: Sabbatical Leaves
Appendix 25: Leaves of Absences
Appendix 26: Change in Series Action
Appendix 27: Jury Service
Appendix 28: Recall Appointments
Appendix 29: Non-Senate Emeritus Conferrals
Appendix 30: Campus Policy Statement on Office and Laboratory Space for Emeriti Faculty
Appendix 31: Guidelines for Processing Actions for the Academic Administrator and Academic Coordinator Series
Appendix 32: Specialist Series
Appendix 33: Policy Governing Layoff of Non-Senate Academic Appointees
Appendix 34: Non-Senate Academic Appointees Corrective Action and Dismissal
Appendix 35: Merit Equity Review (MER)
Appendix 36: Project (e.g. Scientist) Series
Appendix 37: Interdisciplinary Activity
Appendix 38: Research Professor
Appendix 39: Visiting Scholars
Appendix 40: Compensation for Additional Teaching During the Academic Year                                                                
Appendix 41: Contributions to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion