Appendix 25: Leaves of Absences

Please refer to the appropriate Leave Policy below.


Leaves of Absence/General (APM 700)


Leaves of Absence/Sick Leave/Medical Leave (APM 710)


Reasonable Accommodation for Academic Appointees with Disabilities (APM 711)


Leaves of Absence/Family and Medical Leave (APM 715)


Leaves of Absence/Holidays (APM 720)


Leaves of Absence/Vacation (APM 730)


Leaves of Absence/Sabbatical Leaves (APM 740)


Leaves of Absence/Leave for Service to Governmental Agencies (APM 750)


Leaves of Absence/Military Leave (APM 751)


Leaves of Absence/Leave to Attend Professional Meeting (APM 752)


Leaves of Absence/Other Leaves with Pay (APM 758)


Leaves of Absence/Other Leaves Without Pay (APM 759)


Family Accommodations for Childbearing and Childrearing (APM 760)




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