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Appendix 16: Guidelines for the Use of Studio Professor

I. Background

The use of the title "Studio Professor" at UCLA allows the University to bring to the campus nationally distinguished creative and performing artists for a negotiated period of time. Appointments are normally at the full professor level. The Studio Professor Series provides flexibility for the artist who may wish at certain points in his or her career to join in the programs of the research university, and it provides for the university an opportunity to include within its instructional resources distinguished artists whose careers often prohibit or have otherwise not encouraged regular university membership. Studio Professor appointments are at 100% time, are normally for two or more quarters (contiguous or non-contiguous), for a maximum total duration of three years per contract. An example would be the appointment of an artist as a Studio Professor for the spring quarters of three successive years. Appointments as Studio Professor, when completed, are renewable by mutual agreement. Faculty with the title Studio Professor are appointees in the Professor-in-Residence series and accordingly are accorded Senate membership and the corresponding voting rights.


II. Criteria for Appointment

The criteria for appointment as Studio Professor are the candidate’s distinction as a creative and/or performing artist and evidence of teaching success. Judgment of distinction as a creative or performing artist rest upon evidence of national and, where appropriate -- as in appointment to Step VI and above -- international recognition as a leading and innovative artist.


III. Workload

The establishment of workloads for Studio Professors will take into account the heavy involvement of the appointee in performance and production activities both on and off campus. Chairs of Departments including Studio Professors are expected to adjust teaching schedules to accommodate both the appointee’s professional and the Department’s educational goals. In general, the total teaching, creative, and performance time commitments of the Studio Professor shall be commensurate with the total responsibilities of the regular professorship.


IV. Reappointment

Reappointment of a Studio Professor is possible after a review of the incumbent’s teaching and professional activities. A renegotiation of salary is normal when the review is favorable and the earlier appointment extends to a three year calendar period.


V. Appointment and Review Procedures

Appointment authority and review procedures for the Studio Professor title follow the procedures set forth for the Professor-in-Residence series.



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