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Appendix 17: Summary of UCLA Policy on Off-Scale Salaries

I. Policy

The Off-Scale Salary policy under Academic Personnel Manual Section 620 (pdf) states:

"Salaries should be on-scale to the greatest extent feasible. When properly justified, Off-Scale salaries can be used in exceptional situations."


II. When an Off-Scale Salary may be used

  1. with an appointment, including a change from an acting title to a regular title;
  2. with a promotion from one rank to a higher rank in the same title series or in lieu of such a promotion; or
  3. with, or in lieu of, a within-scale merit increase.


III. Basis for Off-Scale Salaries

An Off-Scale salary may be used:

  1. to provide an appropriate competitive salary rate when a faculty member has received an outside offer;
  2. to provide an appropriate competitive salary rate in connection with the recruitment of a new appointee;
  3. to reward service when there are insufficient grounds to warrant advancement in step or rank;
  4. to compensate for added responsibilities in cases not covered by standard administrators’ stipends;
  5. to provide appropriate salary rates in order to remain competitive with other universities in specific disciplines; or
  6. to provide appropriate flexibility in circumstances not specified above but in which there is compelling reason to do so.


IV. Consultation with the Council on Academic Personnel

The Chancellor will periodically discuss with the Council on Academic Personnel the administration of Off-Scale policy on the campus.



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