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Appendix 28: Recall Appointments

I. Recall Appointments for Academic Appointees (APM 205)

A. Eligibility

Recall appointments are limited to individuals returning to an academic title who have retired from a University of California academic appointment and who receive retirement income (or have received a lump sum payout) from UCRP.

B. Authority

The Chancellor has the authority to approve salaried and non-salaried recall appointments on a year-to-year basis. The Chancellor may redelegate to specific designees the authority to approve recall appointments, but this authority may not be further redelegated.

C. Criteria

In general, a campus fills a vacancy created by retirement with a long-term appointment. However, delays in such appointments can occur for a number of reasons. Recall appointments may be approved under these and certain other circumstances.

The following criteria shall be considered in determining whether to recommend or approve a recall appointment:

  1. the teaching, research, and/or administrative needs of the department or unit; and
  2. availability of office and laboratory space; and
  3. budgetary resources; and
  4. ability of the candidate in the areas required for appointment in the particular academic title or series (e.g., Professor series). Documentation of these areas should specifically include an evaluation of activities during the current year and the last several years. If the candidate has not served in the University within the past year, the department may evaluate activities over the last several years of service and/or activities during retirement.

D. Procedure

The Department Chair, an equivalent administrator, or the individual academic appointee may request a recall appointment. The request should be made well in advance of the desired starting date in order to allow sufficient time for academic and administrative review. The campus shall establish a time period for submission of requests.

The Department Chair will evaluate whether the appointment of the candidate is the best way to fulfill temporary staffing needs, for example, during recruitment of a permanent ladder rank faculty member to fill this position. In accord with department procedures, the chair will have appropriate consultation with the department faculty. The request is reviewed by the Dean or Provost of the College or School and also may be reviewed by the Committee on Academic Personnel, pursuant to campus procedures.

The Chancellor or designee makes the final decision on the recall appointment.

E. Recall Appointments and Reappointments

An appointment may be made only for a period of one year or less and shall have a specific ending date. An appointment expires on that date, and no notice is required.

Reappointments are not automatic. Following review, an appointment may be renewed.


II. Local Procedures

A. Eligibility

A faculty member who has retired under either the provisions of Regular Retirement or one of the Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Programs (VERIP) may be recalled, at the sole discretion of the University, to fulfill any or a portion of the duties accorded to his or her academic series before retirement. Recall appointments cannot commence on a date earlier than one month after retirement.

B. Duties and Compensation

Faculty may be recalled for either teaching, research, and service, or in any combination thereof, as long as the percentage of recall appointment does not qualify the individual for membership in UCRP. This includes any recall appointment when made in combination with a previously expired recall that serves to extend the prior appointment.

Appointments are extended to individuals one Academic-Year at a time.

Compensation may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but not to exceed an annual adjusted salary greater than that of the individual upon retirement. Though recall compensation is not subject to automatic range/parity adjustment, the annual maximum salary limitation should take into consideration all university scale salary adjustments subsequent to retirement.

Departments may renegotiate annually taking into consideration any previous range or parity adjustments.

Schools and departments may establish internal guidelines for per-quarter course teaching and service.

C. Approval Authority

Advance approval from the Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel is required for all salaried and non-salaried recall appointments.

In the case of Health Sciences Compensation Plan Faculty Recall Appointments, the Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel has the authority to permit faculty to continue participation in the plans at appointments of less than 50% time.

D. Recall Requests

Written requests for recall, describing duties and compensation are to be forwarded to the appropriate Dean recommendation. Once the dean’s recommendation has been secured, forward the recall request to the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office appended with a completed Data Summary for Recall Appointment.

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