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Appendix 22: Summary of Recruitment Policy

I. Search Requirements

See Appendix 23 for "Faculty Search Guidelines."

II. Recruitment of Faculty at Above-Scale Salary

Formal negotiations for the appointment of an individual at an Above-Scale salary may be initiated only with the prior approval of the Chancellor. Requests for such authorization are to take the form of a written statement submitted by the Chair and subsequent recommendation through the Dean to the Chancellor.

III. Recruitment of Faculty at an Off-Scale Salary

Deans not serving as Chair have Off-Scale approval authority up to and including the next step. For all other Off-Scale salary up to the Regental threshold, the Chancellor is the final approval authority. Initial salary negotiations that may involve a salary offer in excess of the Dean’s authority must be discussed with the Chancellor.

IV. Intercampus Recruitment

The Guidelines on Intercampus Recruiting shall be distributed annually to Deans, Department Chairs, Directors, and other administrators who are involved in the intercampus recruitment of ladder rank faculty. These guidelines concern faculty appointment only and do not address appointments to such administrative positions as Department Chair or Dean.

A. Statement of Policy

On July 8, 1988, the President issued the following additional guidelines on intercampus recruiting:

"When there is a proposal generated by one UC campus to recruit a faculty member from another UC campus, the Chancellor of the recruiting campus will notify the other Chancellor at the earliest possible moment that such a proposal is under review, and will provide details as to proposed salary, and other recruitment inducements that are being proposed."

B. Notification of Intent to Recruit

1. A review for the recruitment of a faculty member from another UC campus cannot proceed at the campus level until the other Chancellor (or Chancellor’s designee) of the campus from which the faculty member is being recruited has been officially informed.

2. The Chancellor of the recruiting campus will notify the other Chancellor of the intention to make an offer at the earliest possible opportunity. The Chancellor of the recruiting campus will provide information about the details of the offer in writing as soon as such information is available.

3. The information provided to the Chancellor must include any and all recruiting inducements, financial or otherwise and regardless of fund source, including the proposed salary, stipends or summer ninths, appointment to Endowed Chairs, teaching responsibilities and other recruitment incentives.

C. Salary Restrictions

1. The recruiting campus may offer a salary of no more than one step, or the equivalent of one step, above the faculty member’s current salary. If the faculty member’s current salary is an Off-Scale Salary, the recruiting campus may offer the next higher step along with the same percentage increment.

2. An offer which includes a promotion is permitted if the salary conforms with the requirements set forth in these guidelines.

3. If a stipend is offered in addition to salary, it must be offered for bona fide administrative duties.

4. In response to the offer, the home campus may counter offer a salary equivalent to that of the recruiting campus.

5. If, at any time during recruitment, the home campus is reviewing the faculty member for a salary increase to become effective at a later date, the recruiting campus may not offer more than one step above the current salary until the review is complete.

6. If the home campus review results in a salary increase, the recruiting campus may offer a salary equivalent to the increased salary, even if the increase is more than one step above the salary at the time of the initial recruitment effort.

7. If the faculty member being recruited by another UC campus also is being recruited by an outside institution, then either the home and/or the recruiting UC campus may make a counter offer higher than that described above in order to compete with the outside offer.

D. Start-Up Costs

1. Effective July 1, 2022, the maximum amount of start-up costs for faculty in the laboratory and health sciences during an intercampus transfer is $1,024,000.

2. The package shall include all expenditures such as laboratory renovations, research equipment, and summer salary for a faculty member.

E. Formal Offer of Appointment APM 510-80(b) and 510-16(c)

1. APM 510-80(b)

Ten working days before making the formal written offer of appointment to the intended candidate, the Chancellor of the hiring campus shall indicate such intention to the Chancellor of the campus from which the appointee will be transferring.

2. APM 510-16(c)

No offer of appointment that includes intercampus transfer shall be made after April 1 for service during the immediately following academic year unless a later offer date is mutually agreed to by both Chancellors involved.

F. Office of the President

At any point in a proposed intercampus recruitment, either Chancellor may request mediation or intervention by the Provost and Senior Vice President–Academic Affairs.

V. Recruitment of Faculty from Other Institutions

A. Statement of Policy

"It is the obligation of all Department Chairs and other administrative officers to recruit faculty on a national and international basis in order to assure a faculty of highest distinction.

"The strength of the total scholarly community in the State is also a leading concern of the University, which must in its recruitment activities avoid depleting neighboring institutions of their faculty or causing undue inconvenience to the academic programs of such institutions at a given moment in time." – APM 501 (pdf).

"Except for University Extension and with such other limited exceptions as may be deemed justifiable and highly desirable by the Chancellor or a designated representative, as well as by the appropriate State College authority, the employment by the University of California of State College faculty members (or other personnel) normally should be on the basis that the combined appointments with the University and the State College do not exceed 100% of full time. In all cases, the appointment with the University should not be undertaken until the State College concerned has been notified and has given approval." -- Directive from President Hitch dated April 17, 1968

B. Recruitment on Permanent Basis

1. Once the individual has been identified as the top candidate, special care should be given with regard to providing evidence in the dossier concerning the breadth of the search which ultimately lead to the proposed appointment.

2. The individual’s title and compensation at UCLA are determined in the same manner as for any other appointee.

C. Recruitment on Visiting Basis

1. The individual must be on an approved leave of absence from his/her home institution.

2. The individual’s title and compensation at UCLA is determined in accordance with established policy governing Visiting appointments.

D. Recruitment to Serve on Joint Appointment Basis

1. Individuals holding titles from California State Universities and Colleges may not exceed 100% of full time employment in combined service at the individual’s home institution and University of California.

2. Special care should be given with regard to providing evidence in the dossier concerning the breadth of the search which ultimately lead to the proposed appointment.

3. Individuals serving in this capacity will normally be appointed at UCLA as Lecturer (if teaching) or to the appropriate rank of the Professional Research Series (if engaged in research activity). However, if the individual holds a professorial title at the home institution, the appointment at UCLA (if teaching) may be made in the Adjunct Professor series. Determination of the rate of compensation will be based, in part, on the salary at the home institution and may also take into account the special expenses incurred in such an appointment.



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