Appendix 9: Procedures and Criteria for the Review of Lecturers (PSOE and SOE)

Potential Security of Employment (PSOE)
Security of Employment (SOE)

The procedure set forth Appendix 5, "Instructions to Review and Appraisal Committees" for professorial faculty members should govern the committee in the confidential conduct of its review and in the preparation of its report. In appraising the candidate’s qualifications for the proposed duties, the committee should also be guided by the criteria in the "instructions" to the extent they are applicable, but primarily in the area of teaching.

The title "Lecturer" or "Senior Lecturer" is assigned to professionally qualified appointees not under consideration for appointment in the Regular Professor series, whose services are contracted for special purposes.

I. Policy

It is the policy of the University that primary responsibility for teaching should rest upon faculty members of professorial rank who have demonstrated their ability not only as teachers but as scholars or as creative artists. Thus appointment as a Lecturer with Security of Employment (SOE) or Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment (SOE), which involves allocation of a permanent FTE to the position, will not be made for a position with functions which can be filled by an appointee in the Regular Professor Series or by a temporary appointee. A programmatic need for allocation of an FTE for the appointment of a Lecturer (SOE) or Senior Lecturer (SOE) must be demonstrated by the department in the dossier pertaining to the proposed personnel action. Such an allocation of the FTE must be approved by the Chancellor, after recommendation by the Dean and review of the proposed allocation by the ad hoc review committee and the Council on Academic Personnel as part of the review of the proposed personnel action. In reviewing a departmental recommendation for an appointment of an individual as Lecturer (SOE) or Senior Lecturer (SOE), the review committee should explicitly consider the propriety of the proposed allocation of the FTE under the criteria set forth above, and give primary attention to the nature of the departmental need for the services of a lecturer in a permanent position.


II. Criteria for Appointment, Promotion and Appraisal

In order to be appointed as Lecturer (SOE) or Senior Lecturer (SOE), assuming appropriate allocation of the FTE for the position, an individual must have demonstrated evidence of excellent teaching. Superior intellectual attainment as evidenced in the candidate’s teaching ability is an indispensable qualification for appointment as Lecturer (SOE) or Senior Lecturer (SOE). It is incumbent upon the departmental chair to provide convincing evidence of such attainment. Pro forma statements will not suffice. Because candidates drawn from professional environments may often have had exceedingly limited experience in formal lecturing, the review committee has a special obligation to assure that the candidate possesses superior abilities in the classroom, and in other aspects of the organization and presentation of the subject. In support of its recommendation, the committee should furnish a detailed evaluation of the specific evidence available to it regarding these factors. The quality of a candidate’s professional competence, research or other creative activity, and university and public service — whenever evidence of such attainments is available - may also be cited in those cases where they do provide collateral indication of qualifications to teach.

Appointment as a Senior Lecturer (SOE), with a salary rate at the level of Professor, Step 1, or above, should depend upon earned distinction in the field comparable to that attained by leading members of the professorial faculty in similar fields. It should thus be based entirely upon present teaching ability and upon professional attainment to date, rather than also upon the future responsibility for conduct and direction of research that is incumbent upon the professor. The outstanding teaching record which would qualify an individual for appointment at the rank of Senior Lecturer (SOE) can be evidenced by such attainments as novel and demonstrably effective teaching methods, the publication of high quality textual materials, or the collection and utilization of slides, films or other material for enriching the curriculum and enhancing the education of students.

  1. The candidate’s teaching assignments should correspond fairly to the fraction of full-time load credited to the candidate, with due regard to the limited responsibilities of Lecturers in areas other than teaching.

  2. The base salary should be commensurate with the value of the candidate’s services and the level of professional attainments, by direct comparison with the requirements for equivalent salary in professorial positions. Salary advancement of a Lecturer (SOE) or a Senior Lecturer (SOE) will be based only upon a demonstrated growth in the value of the services rendered.

Prior review and submission of a dossier is required if a recommended appointment or reappointment is to follow four years of prior service which counts toward the Eight-Year Limit on service under Academic Personnel Manual Section 133 (see Appendix 14, "Guide to the Computation of Years of Service Which Count Toward the Eight-Year Limit."). The dossier should include an appraisal of the likelihood of the individual’s eventually qualifying for appointment as Lecturer (SOE) or Senior Lecturer (SOE).

The criteria set forth above for qualification for Senior Lecturer (SOE) should be applied, as appropriate, in reviewing a recommendation for appointment as or advancement to Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment.



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