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Faculty Leadership Development Program

History of UCLA Faculty Comprehensive Leadership Development Program

In the fall of 2017, then Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Scott Waugh, appointed Professor Chris Dunkel Schetter, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Development, and Mr. John Hamilton, Special Assistant to the EVC/Provost, to develop a UCLA Faculty Leadership Program. Noting the success of a course offered at UCLA in 2014‐15 and similar longstanding programs at several other UC campuses, EVC/Provost Waugh hoped to “provide a small cohort of associate professors, who have interest in leadership positions, with insight into the structure, funding and governance of UCLA.” Further, his hope was that the course would “broaden opportunities for participation in academic leadership for women and members of minority groups.”

The EVC/Provost appointed an advisory group to assist in these efforts. In addition, input was received from other UC campus programs and their leaders, and from faculty in leadership roles at UCLA. The advisory committee envisioned a comprehensive leadership training program and made these recommendations:

1) Develop a multi‐year comprehensive leadership development program comparable to similar programs at other top universities nationwide, one that would encourage and prepare future academic leadership as a matter of strategic importance for UCLA. The program would be structured to include a progression that begins with encouraging leadership, to training for early leaders, through supporting senior leadership on campus. 

2) Broaden the scope of the Leadership Development Program to include a range of topics with a greater emphasis on developing leadership skills and helping faculty identify personal strategies, tactics and pragmatics that would ensure their success as administrators at UCLA.

The program includes the following components as of 2022: UCLA Comprehensive Leadership Development Program

Faculty Leadership Academy Cohorts

Call for Nominations 2024 - 2025 due April 19, 2024