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Policy on Sabbatical Postponements, May 2009

May 22, 2009


Re: Policy on the Postponement of Sabbaticals

We have received inquiries from departments about our policy regarding the postponement of sabbaticals – particularly in light of budget cuts that are being borne by the departments and schools. We have prepared the following policy to help guide you in addressing these issues.

Policy on the Postponement of Sabbaticals

The purpose of a sabbatical is “to enable recipients to be engaged in intensive programs of research and/or study, thus to become more effective teachers and scholars and to enhance their services to the University” (Standing Order of The Regents, Section 103.4). UCLA faculty who are eligible for sabbaticals and submit a proposal outlining a project that will enhance their scholarship or teaching when they return to UCLA normally can expect to be granted this benefit. The policy, however, also states that sabbaticals “shall be granted only at a time when it will not disrupt the teaching program or other vital operation of the University” [APM 740-16(b)].

To the extent possible, Deans and Chairs should grant sabbatical requests during the time period requested by the faculty member. An effort should be made to find other faculty who can temporarily take over teaching and/or other responsibilities. If, however, the granting of a sabbatical during a particular academic quarter/year will severely disrupt departmental functions, the sabbatical may be postponed.

Postponement is normally for a single year; only under unusual circumstances would a second or subsequent request be postponed. Whenever there is a postponement, Deans and Chairs are reminded to instruct the faculty member that they can request accumulation of sabbatical credits from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel, when the postponement would otherwise result in the loss of such credits. They should also provide the faculty member with the necessary forms.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thomas Rice
Vice Chancellor
Academic Personnel