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Summer Sessions Memo

Dear Colleagues,

Summer Sessions teaching pay policy can be found on our planning website, and is for hiring and paying instructors like faculty, lecturers, and TAs who are associated with teaching Summer Sessions classes.  Summer Sessions teaching pay guidelines are different from Summer Salary (Summer Ninths).

UCLA’s CRU (Central Resource Unit) has collaborated with the Summer Sessions office to create a Training Guide for Summer Sessions Teaching that explains how Summer Sessions appointments should be entered in UCPath.  The training guide can be downloaded and saved as a PDF.  CRU has also created a helpful, user-friendly video that takes you through the hiring process step by step.

The training guide is a work in progress and is updated as necessary, so be sure to use the link regularly for the latest information.  Feedback about the guide is always welcome and can be directed to CRU.

If you have any questions about Summer Sessions hiring, please feel free to contact Raymond Huang from the Summer Sessions office.