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2018 Salary Memo Program

June 1, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

The Office of the President has announced a three-year salary program for ladder-rank faculty and other non-represented academic appointees. This plan intends to advance the competitiveness of UC faculty salaries.

UCLA will implement the academic salary program effective July 1, 2018 as follows:

Ladder Rank and other academic appointees tied to these scales:

* The regular peer-review merit advancement program will continue. In addition, the scales will be increased by 4 percent. Other academic appointees with salary tied to these scales will have the same 4 percent adjustment to the scales. Health  Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) faculty will have a 4 percent adjustment to the scales (X and X prime).

* The enclosed memo from President Napolitano did not mandate a systematic increase to off-scale salary components tied to the scales and indicated that increases to off-scale salary components remained the authority of individual campuses. On this  campus, off-scale salary for ladder-rank faculty and other academic appointees with salary tied to these scales will receive a 2 percent increase of the current off-scale dollar increment.

* Above Scale ladder-rank faculty and other above scale academic appointees will receive a 3 percent adjustment.

* Visiting appointees are not eligible for this salary program as salaries are negotiated on an individual basis.


Other non-represented faculty and academic personnel:

* Salary scales for other non-represented faculty and academic personnel will be increased by 3 percent.

* Salary scales for Graduate Student Researchers and Graduate Student Assistant Researchers will be increased by 3 percent. These scale changes will be effective on October 1, 2018, as has been the case in the last three years.

* Recalled academic appointees may receive an increase of up to 3 percent at the dean’s discretion.

* Deans and other full-time faculty administrators will be eligible for a 3 percent increase to be awarded for meritorious performance.


Represented academic personnel:

* Represented academic personnel will continue to be compensated according to their contracts.


Please direct your questions about this salary program to Esther Hamil in the Academic Personnel Office:

Thank you for your immediate attention to the process.



Scott L. Waugh

Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost