COVID-19 Resources

As we all work through the implications of the COVID-19 crisis, we write to provide guidance regarding a number of matters that impact faculty and other academic employees.  The situation continues to evolve on a daily basis and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through the various areas of concern.

UC Retroactive 2021 EPSL Request Form

Systemwide Comment Letter MCIF-Working Groups 5-17-2022 

Mitigating Covid Impacts on Faculty-WG Report 5-17-2022

Chancellors and EVCPs - Mitigating Covid Impacts on Faculty Letter 

Mitigating COVID Impacts on Faculty- Preliminary Report

Academic Personnel Guidance Related to COVID-19 Leaves(10.6.2021)

Extended EPSL Notice

SHR COVID-19 Related Leave Guidance

Extended Emergency Sick Leave for COVID-19 Guidance

COVID-19 Related Accommodation Or Workplace Adjustment Information

How to Request a Covid Vaccine Exception

Academic Personnel Guidance Regarding Covid-19 Leaves (5.10.2021)

COVID-19 Pandemic Guidance on the use of Associate Professor Steps 4 and 5

COVID-19 Leave Guidance for Academic Supervisors(Updated 3.31.2021)

Academic Personnel Guidance on Leave Related to COVID-19(3.31.2021)

UCLA to Reopen Certain Spaces at Limited Capacity(COVID-19)

Planning for Fall Instruction 2021

Guidance on New Modifications to Academic Personnel Evaluation Procedures

COVID-19 Leaves and Job Protection Guidance(Updated 11.16.2020)

COVID-19 Leave Guidance for Academic Supervisors(Updated 11.16.2020)

Interim Covid Dependent Care

Interim Covid - Related Dependent Care Program

Application Form Covid Related Dependent Care Modified Duties

Next Phase of Research 6.08.2020 (COVID-19)

Letter Temporarily Waiving 30 day Separation Requirement (COVID-19)

Retirement Memo (COVID-19)

Academic Personnel Guidelines (Updated 5.11.2020)

Summer Appointments (COVID-19)

Guidance for Unit 18 (Updated 4.17.2020)

AP Guidance Regarding Leave and Job Protections (Updated 4.13.2020)

Working on Campus Symtpom Testing (COVID-19)

Mental Health and Well-Being (COVID-19)

Guidance for June 30th Job Protections (COVID-19)

Guidance for Unit 18 (COVID-19)

Gratitude Toward Staff (COVID-19)

Spring Quarter Grading 2020 (COVID-19)

Supporting Each Other Spring 2020 (COVID-19)

Supporting Students Spring 2020 (COVID-19)

Academic Personnel Guidance(COVID-19)

Personnel Meetings Form(COVID-19)

Faculty Recruitment Spring 2020(COVID-19)

Leave Guidance for Academic Appointees(Updated March 26 2020)