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Dual Careers at UCLA

UCLA is strongly committed to supporting work and family, including assistance for couples with dual careers where one partner is employed at UCLA as a faculty member and the other is seeking local employment in academe or another occupation. Assistance in housing, childcare, and schooling for faculty families is also part of our overall effort to make UCLA a successful career home for our talented faculty and a supportive and family-friendly environment.   

The Faculty Development Office within Academic Personnel, under the direction of Associate Vice Chancellor Johnson, assists in locating positions for partners -- whether they be academic or staff positions and within or outside UCLA -- by coordinating communication with other units on campus and by using available resources such as staff and alumni networks.  Los Angeles is a large, diverse and vibrant city, with many career opportunities.  While it is not possible to guarantee job placement for faculty partners, UCLA wants to ensure that the overall value to the campus of dual career hires is recognized, available resources are deployed, and campus units work together to achieve institutional goals. Priority in such efforts is placed on increasing the diversity of our faculty and our campus as a whole. 

To initiate a dual career effort, Chairs or Deans should contact AVC Kerri Johnson.