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Request for Peer Evaluators - Urban Planning

Peer Review of Teaching is now a required component of the dossiers for all faculty personnel actions.


For Prof. X's tenure review it would be most helpful if you would share your observations of his/her teaching in a Peer Review statement for inclusion in the dossier.  Our departmental guidelines on peer review of teaching state that the evaluation may include but is not limited to the following:

  • discussions between the two faculty members of their mutual concerns about teaching
  • review of syllabi and course materials
  • observations of classroom teaching   (Note:  This quarter, Prof. X is teaching Course ____, which meets on ______ at _____ am/pm)
  • review of written course evaluations

The statement should be in the form of a memo addressed to the Department Chair.  The dossier for this action is due to the Dean’s office by ________ so you will need to complete your review by ______.


I have provided some links and attachments to help you in preparing the peer review. 

  • Guide to Documentation of Effective Teaching.  See II ,Peer Evaluation. 
  • List of courses taught by Prof. X since his/her appointment (attached)
  • Teaching evaluation summary chart (attached)
  • Here are links to syllabi for courses taught by Prof. X during period under review:


Please let me know if there’s anything else I can provide you with to assist in preparing this review.