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Overview of UCLA Academic Recruit

UCLA Academic Recruit is our campus-branded installation of UC Recruit, a system-wide initiative that was initially developed and launched with much success at UC Irvine in 2006. In 2011, collaboration between UC Office of the President and the 10 campuses enabled UCI to open access to UC Recruit to the rest of the system.  UCLA's Recruit site went into production in December, 2012.

The Recruit system provides a standard paperless process for all academic appointee searches. Some of the major features include:

  • Department staff can easily set up and post new recruitments with full job descriptions
  • Applicants can view job postings, submit their application documents, and track the status of their requested letters of reference
  • References can upload their letters of reference
  • Faculty search committees can review applicants any time, from anywhere, and share notes with fellow committee members
  • Faculty and administrators who review aggregate applicant pool diversity information can access that data more conveniently and in a consistent form

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All Academic Appointee Searches will use UCLA Academic Recruit

All academic appointments (Senate and Non-Senate) effective July 1, 2014 will be conducted through the UCLA Academic Recruit tool.

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Demonstration of UCLA Academic Recruit

UCLA Academic Recruit has a training site that allows faculty to 'test drive' the system. Populated with fictitious data, the training site allows faculty or staff to review applicant documents, make comments, and read comments made by other search committee members.

If you're interested in looking at the training site, please contact the UCLA Academic Recruit team.

The UCLA Academic Recruit team can also arrange for in-person demonstrations, Q&A sessions, or trainings. If you or your department would like to schedule one, please contact the UCLA Academic Recruit team.

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How To Log In

UCLA Academic Recruit is at  Faculty and staff users log on using their UCLA Logon ID (the credential formerly known as the Bruin OnLine ID).  If you need to obtain a UCLA Logon ID or reset your password, please visit


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How To Post  Job Ads Outside of Recruit

When your department's academic personnel staff create a recruitment, UCLA Academic Recruit makes a URL that will take potential applicants right to that job's application page (including job description and application requirements).  That URL should then be incorporated into any job advertisements, postings to job board websites, or emails you send out--here's an example from the Department of English's website.

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How to Manage an External Dossier Service (e.g. Interfolio) within UCLA Academic Recruit

Some dossier services will email bundled PDFs to the departmental staff, containing all requested letters for a given applicant. This requires the PDF to be broken apart, sometimes re-scanned, and then uploaded into UCLA Academic Recruit. Letters of reference can be uploaded on behalf of an applicant by an analyst, even if the recruitment is not configured to gather letters of reference online.

Other dossier services send departmental staff their own website link and token password. It's up to the departmental staff to retrieve the letters and upload them into UCLA Academic Recruit.

The department may also allow the service to email the letters in confidence directly to the Analyst, who in turn can upload them into the applicant’s file.

The technical team overseeing Recruit at the system-wide level is exploring possible future enhancements to make it easier for UCLA Academic Recruit to work with external dossier services.


Making Changes to an Active Recruitment

At any point in a recruitment, the following details can be changed if needed:

  • Job Description--your job description should be set by the time your posting goes live.  However, you are able to make additions to it.  For example, you can add details about the anticipated timing of their recruitment, such as when applicants can expect to hear back from the search committee. 
  • Recruitment Close/Final Date--you can extend your application deadline.
  • Additional, Optional Applicant Documents--you can add optional documents to a recruitment.  All applicants will see the option of uploading these additional documents when they log in to their dashboard in Recruit.

After you've posted a recruitment and received your first application, you will not be able to change the following:

  • Existing Applicant Documents--you cannot remove a document type already listed in the job posting, whether it was required or optional.
  • Reference Information--you cannot make any changes to the Reference section.


Archiving and Record Retention

Once a search is over, the academic personnel analyst in the department should archive the recruitment.  Recruit will oversee the retention schedule for archived data (see UC's retention schedule for Pre-employment and Recruitment Records - records code: 0004A). 

More Questions?

Visit our Documentation page for...

  • a Quick Guide for search committee members to get up and running with UCLA Academic Recruit. 
  • a comprehensive User's Manual for staff analysts.

UCLA Academic Recruit has built-in Help documentation as well--just click the Help tab in the upper left of the Recruit screen:


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