Campus Use

UCLA Academic Recruit went live in December, 2012 and is now used throughout the campus.  Any recruitment for an academic title code with an effective start date of July 1, 2014 or later must have been done in Recruit. 

The Numbers (as of December 1, 2013)

  • 118 jobs have been posted on UCLA Academic Recruit
  • 6,194 people have applied
  • 225 campus users (faculty and staff) have attended a training class

Next Steps

Departments should now have all their active academic jobs posted in UCLA Academic Recruit.  More information can be found here on our site, including an FAQ, Documentation, and a schedule of upcoming user trainings and Open Houses.  Any staff or faculty with questions can contact their local academic personnel staff or the UCLA Academic Recruit team

User Support

UCLA Academic Recruit maintains an email listserve for staff users.  Sign up at  to receive system announcements and discussions items from other users.