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Revisions to the CALL Appendix 40



Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel


To: Administrative Officers, Deans, Department Chairs and Directors

Dear Colleagues

We are writing to provide you with updated guidance on compensation for additional teaching during the academic year (APM 661 (PDF)662 (PDF)663 (PDF)  and The CALL Appendix 40).

Compensation for additional teaching is a privilege and “should not interfere with normal University duties.” APM 662 states that the faculty member must carry the “full approved teaching load for the department, even if the faculty member normally teaches less.” Over the last several years, the UC Provost and Executive Vice President has upheld the requirement for the full teaching load to be met before any compensation is allowed. 

After many discussions between UCLA, our sister campuses, and the Office of the President (OP), OP-Academic Personnel and Program informed the campuses that local exception processes may be established under APM 662-24 with being mindful of equity and our responsibility as a public institution.

Beginning Fall 2021, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel may approve, on an exception basis, compensation for additional teaching for a faculty member who receives course release for other university duties, such as a Department Chair, provided they meet their otherwise assigned course teaching load. Exception requests normally will be granted only upon showing that there is a temporary and/or specific academic need which cannot be satisfied by hiring part-time, temporary teachers or by reducing the faculty member’s normal teaching load in the future.  Approvals from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel must be obtained prior to the start date of instruction.

It is also important for chairs and Deans to monitor additional teaching responsibilities, especially for junior faculty, to ensure that that such additional teaching does not adversely affect research/creative work and University and public service. 

The updated version of Appendix 40 and the Additional Compensation for Additional Teaching form (DOC) can be found on the Academic Personnel Office website.

We appreciate the many conversations with faculty, chairs, program directors, and Deans as we worked with the Office of the President to find a path forward. If you have any questions please contact Assistant Vice Chancellor Erika Chau at


Michael S. Levine
Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel