Revised APM 075, 110, et al.

F  I  N  A  L  I  Z  E  D     P  O L I C Y


March 6, 2012


Re: Revised APM 075, Part III. C. 1; 110-4; 140-33; 230-4; 230-17; 240-18; 240-20; 240-60; 246-18; 246-20; 246-60; 500-16; Technical Changes

The following revised Academic Personnel Policies represent technical changes to correct improper references and typographical errors, or to insure uniformity between existing policies. They have been reviewed by the Academic Senate, the Office of the General Counsel, and the University Policy Office. Changes are effective September 23, 2011:


  • APM 075 - Termination for Incompetent Performance
  • APM 110 - Academic Personnel Definitions
  • APM 140 - Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Grievances
  • APM 230 - Visiting Appointments
  • APM 240 - Deans
  • APM 246 - Faculty Administrators (100% Time)
  • APM 500 - Recruitment


Revised APM 075, Part III. C. 1 corrects the reference from Senate Bylaw 335 to Bylaw 337 for Privilege and Tenure Committee early termination cases.

Revised APM 110-4(3) adds Deans, Vice Provosts and College Provosts to the definition of Academic Administrative Officers not in the Senior Management Group to conform to recent revisions in APM 240 and the new APM 246.

Revisions to APM 110-4(21), (23) moves the definition of House Staff to a combined definition under the term Residents listed in APM 110-4(37) since Resident is the appropriate term to be used for such appointees. The phrase “also known as interns” was also added to bring the definition of first-year residents more in line with campus nomenclature.

Revised APM 140-33-b(2)a adds Medical Separation to the list of those issues which may be appealed for in a Step III-B Hearing Consideration to conform with APM 080-3-b and -c.

Revised APM 230-4-b adds Project Scientist to the list of titles to which the Visiting prefix may be attached.

Revised APM 230-17 allows the Chancellor to make terms of consecutive service longer than two years for Visiting titles and longer than three years for Visiting Assistant Professor Programs in Mathematics.

Revised APM 240-18-e and APM 246-18-e clarifies that Deans and Faculty Administrators (100% time) are covered by other additional compensation. Revised 240-20-c(2) and 246-20-c(2)conforms Deans and Faculty Administrators (100% Time) policies to the APM 025 requirement that there be annual reporting of compensated outside professional activities to the Chancellor. Revised 240-60-c(1) clarifies that the policy regarding the basis for accrual of Deans’ Sabbatical Leave Credit is based upon the underlying faculty appointment rate in accordance with APM 740. Revised APM 246-60-b corrects a typographical error in current policy.

Revised APM 500-16-c corrects the web reference for Association of American Universities member institutions and updates Exhibit A, the AAU Membership list.

The revised policies are available online at:



Carole Goldberg
Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel
Jonathan D. Varat Distinguished Professor of Law