Revised APM 700

F I N A L I Z E D   P O L I C Y


May  29, 2014





Re: Revised APM 700, Leaves of Absence



The Office of the President has revised Academic Personnel Policy 700, Leaves of Absence/General to include a new section, APM 700-30, Presumptive Resignation Policy and Procedures, effective July 1, 2013.



New APM 700-30, Presumptive Resignation addresses circumstances under which an academic appointee does not return to his/her University appointment following the expiration of a Leave of Absence, or is absent from that appointment without obtaining prior approval for a leave.  This new policy is designed to prompt an appointee in such circumstances to take affirmative steps to counter the University's presumption that the appointee's intention is to resign the academic appointment.



The Presumptive Resignation provisions address resignation from an Academic Year or Fiscal Year appointment due to absence from duty, defined as a period of thirty (30) days following the expiration of an approved leave or 30-day absence from academic duty without approval.  APM 700-30 does not address dismissal procedures, nor does it apply when it is established that an academic appointee is absent due to intersession, illness, injury or disability; and it does not address disciplinary matters or matters related to academic competence.  Instances of neglect that do not meet APM 700-30’s standard will be addressed according to other applicable Academic Personnel policies, including but not limited to APM 015, The Faculty Code of Conduct; APM 016, University Policy on Faculty Conduct and the Administration of Discipline; APM 150, Non-Senate Academic Appointees/ Corrective Action and Dismissal; and/or APM 075, Termination for Incompetent Performance. 



The new Presumptive Resignation Policy and Procedures also describes the procedural steps for implementing the policy.  



The appointee continues on pay status during the notice period and pay status terminates on the response deadline date.  The Chancellor retains the authority to reinstate an academic appointee for good cause at any time.



The revised policy is available online at:



In addition, a timeline outlining the process is available as an aid to implementing the Presumptive Resignation provisions under APM 700 at:




Carole Goldberg
Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel
Jonathan D. Varat Distinguished Professor of Law