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Unit 18 Faculty Professional Development Fund

November 15, 2022

Deadline Sunday January 29. 2023 



In accordance with Article 9, Section C of the UC-AFT Memorandum of Understanding, the University has established a Professional Development Fund to support the professional growth and pedagogical initiatives of Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty (NSF) at UCLA. The Non-Senate Faculty Council on Professional Development, a committee of five current Non-Senate Faculty members drawn from diverse academic fields, reviews applications for these funds and recommends awards to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Personnel. All individual NSF are encouraged to apply for funding by the deadline Sunday, January 29, 2023.


Regardless of the type or length of appointment, all NSF covered under the Unit 18 MOU are eligible to request funding to undertake projects that support their professional development, as well as to pursue professional activities that will enhance their overall contributions to the University community. Although the selection committee welcomes applications from past recipients of NSF Development Fund Grants, they may in some cases give preference to newer applicants. For a detailed list of job titles eligible to apply for this funding, visit:


The committee grants funds to proposals that explain the feasibility of teaching projects that improve pedagogy; that demonstrate the applicant’s substantive participation in a variety of endeavors including, but not limited to, academic conferences, training sessions, workshops, research expenses, or other activities that are relevant to the candidate’s discipline, professional development and approved paid leave. Only those NSF Unit 18 faculty with continuing appointments will be eligible to submit requests for paid leave. This Development Fund and program is separate from the program referenced in Article 8 - Instructional Support. Paid Leave form

Proposals should explain how and why such activities contribute to the candidate’s professional development. Candidates should also indicate how their proposals positively impact the greater university community.

Funds awarded in response to this November 2022 call for proposals must be used by June 30, 2023. Successful candidates who receive funding for this period are required at the end of the academic year to submit a brief (500-word) follow-up letter summarizing what the funding enabled them to accomplish. Follow-up letters should be sent by email to Jesse Delgado in the Office for Academic Personnel by July, 2023.


The following categories and funding levels are intended to represent only the most typical kinds of awards made by the committee. Applicants should feel free to propose other kinds of relevant projects that contribute to their professional development in addition to those listed below. Choose one Type of Award from below and submit one proposal.

Up to $1,500
To attend academic conferences, workshop, national or regional convention, training sessions, courses, or other professional meetings that require travel within the United States or virtual attendance.

Up to $2,000
To attend and deliver conference papers that require travel within the United States.

Up to $2,500
To attend and deliver conference papers that require travel abroad.

Up to $3,000
For projects that support innovative curriculum development; professional meetings, training seminars, books or research materials related to a scholarly or scientific project; travel to libraries, museums, or other archival institutions for the purpose of research; approved paid leave.

*Funds can be used to cover professional activities that take place between July 1 2022 and June 30, 2023. This includes events that have already taken place within that window.


Please note three announced policy changes for travel. See your department for questions. Awards requesting conference travel costs or reimbursement are subject to California State Law AB 1887 which prohibits using state funds to pay for travel to a state that has passed a law discriminating based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.



The professional development fund is not intended to support the following: instructional improvement or course development that should be funded by departments, programs, or other administrative units; projects aimed primarily at supporting student work; projects that cannot demonstrate an ultimate beneficial impact on pedagogy. These funds are to support pedagogical endeavors – You may not use these funds for hardware, that fall under Article 8 Instructional Support from your home department.

Unit 18 Committee Members 2022-2023
Elizabeth Bergman – Geffen Academy
Kimberly Jansma – Dept. of European Languages and Transcultural Studies
Jacques Lesure – Global Jazz Studies Program
Jene Moio – Dept. of Social Welfare
Asako Takakura – Dept. of Asian Languages and Cultures


Applicants should submit their application materials as an electronic submission to Jesse Delgado, Academic Personnel Office.


Please attach the following: Send PDF version of Application, Proposal, Budget/Timetable and CV.

  1. 2022-2023 One Application form
  2. Proposal: Submit one proposal and a detailed description of the project or activity and explain how and why such activities contribute to the candidate’s professional development and indicate how the proposal positively impacts the greater university community. Please be sure to provide a justification for all requests.
  3. Detailed budget and timetable: Include a list of other sources of support (if any) that will be combined to comprise the funding required.
  4. Curriculum Vitae.


1. Applications are due to Jesse Delgado in the Academic Personnel Office, by email
2. Call for Applications November 18, 2022
3. Deadline to submit application Sunday, January 29, 2023.
4. Awards are announced mid-April 2022


If you have questions, please contact the Senior Academic Personnel Analyst Jesse Delgado (APO) at

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