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The workload for Unit 18 Lecturers teaching in courses taught through the Department of Physiological Science (PHYS SCI subject area) is 6 courses (6 IWC), with no more than 2 courses (2 IWC per quarter) for 100% time allowable in any 1 academic quarter (6 IWC = 100% for the year) (2 IWC = 100% for the quarter).

All courses are counted as 1 course with the following exceptions. 1 course is compensated at 50% pay for the quarter.

1) Course 111L counts as 1/3rd of a course per lab section taught. Each section is compensated at 16.67% pay for the quarter.
2) Courses with 2 or fewer units are counted as ½ course each. ½ courses are compensated at 25% pay for the quarter.
3) Significant course revision or course development during the academic year can equal up to .85 course per quarter.