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Workloads for Unit 18 Lecturers

The workload associated with the lecture type (4-unit) online courses is broken down into two segments.

1. Develop the course material and record lectures (19%/0.50 IWC for that quarter)

In this segment the course material is converted to power point format and lectures are recorded using the MSOL supported recording equipment and format. The instructor is also provided the support of a student (typically a graduate student funded at 25%
time) to produce the power point from the instructor's notes and to help with the recording.

2. Course offering (19%/0.50 IWC for that quarter)
In this segment the instructor offers the course. This does not involve the preparation of notes or lecturing, since the lectures have already been prepared and recorded. The workload is associated with interaction between the instructor and the students via email.
telephone, and video conferencing; preparation of homework assignments and examinations; interaction with a special reader (this individual runs weekly recitations sections and interacts with the remote students to help them with assignments); and grading.  

The result is that the first time an online course is offered, the instructor workload is 38%/1 IWC (develop and offer), and each subsequent time the course is offered the workload is 19%/0.50 IWC (course offering only).

This workload is consistent with the workload and associated compensation for tenure track faculty. Tenure track faculty members are assigned two weeks workload for each of items 1 and 2 above.