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Request for Peer Reviewers — Law

The Law School sends the following request for faculty to make classroom visits



I am writing to enlist your help again with observing the teaching of our colleagues.  This spring, we would like you to visit the classes of [Professor A, Professor B and Professor C], who are due for [insert personnel action] next year.  We request that you attend the classes during the following available windows:

Professor A:  February 7 – February 28

Professor B:  February 6 – March 2

Professor C:  March13 -22; April 2 -12 

In addition, a few of Professor A’s classes will be video-taped and the tapes made available, upon request, to those faculty who are unable to attend the classes in person.

Please notify A, B and C before you visit their classes.  Note that in B’s case, the room locations and times shift slightly from class to class.

When you have written up your observation, please send it to [name and email of administrator].

CLASS SCHEDULE (Spring 2012)

                                Class                                      Days/Time                            Room #

Professor A        course  catalog #              x day, x time                                       x

Professor B         course catalog #               x day, x time                                      x

Professor C         course catalog #               x day, x time                                      x


As you know, peer review is an important and necessary part of the process, so please make an effort to visit as many classes as you can.  It would be helpful if you could please let [name of administrator] know which class or classes you plan to visit.

 As always, thanks for your help in carrying out these reviews.

 --Vice Dean and Professor of Law