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Summary 1: Submission Deadlines for Academic Actions effective 2021-22

August 16, 2021


Re: Submission Deadlines for Academic Actions effective July 1, 2022                      

Enclosed are the 2021-2022 Submission Deadlines for Academic Actions effective July 1, 2022.

Cases that are submitted after the applicable deadline that are not completed by June 30th of that year will not carry a retroactive date unless permission has been granted in advance.  Dossiers found to be incomplete will be returned to the Dean’s Office and will be considered late if not forwarded to the Academic Personnel Office by the established deadline.



1. Please adhere to the published deadlines. To avoid retroactivity, we do not plan to approve personnel actions -  both promotions and regular merits - that are not signed by the Dean or by me (depending on the particular action) after June 30, 2022. Cases that cannot be finalized by this date will be returned to the Dean's office for resubmission for the next academic year.

2.    Any extension requests must be made in writing to the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Personnel indicating the proposed action and with a strong justification for late submission and for retroactivity (if applicable).  However, keep in mind that if the salary exceeds the maximum threshold for the campus approval, your request will be denied because the President's Office has told us they will not process retroactive requests.

3.  To avoid delay, please be sure to adhere to the following:

  • You must solicit a sufficient number of independent, external letters early enough so that departmental committees have them available to consider in the review process.
  • Faculty need to provide their CVs and selected publications to you on a timely basis so that you can solicit external letters on time.
  • Individual faculty must turn in their dossiers according to the time schedule you have been provided by your Dean’s Office. Please be sure to remind faculty that they have the right to add material to their file at any time during the process, but it is not acceptable to miss the deadline because they are waiting for additional manuscripts to be accepted.
  • Faculty ad hoc and elected committees must act expeditiously. If they have not turned in a report by the scheduled date, they must be reminded to adhere to deadlines.
  • Departments must not delay in discussing these reports. If timely consideration requires additional faculty meetings, they should be scheduled as necessary.
  • Your Chair's letter should be given the highest priority and sent to the Dean as soon as possible. Remember, faculty have the right to review and comment on your letter. Deans have been urged to act expeditiously with their letters to the Academic Personnel Office.

4.  Please provide the following materials with dossiers:

  • A list of potential UCLA faculty members, including rank and step of all nominees (in alphabetical order) for ad hoc review committees.  Please do not include names of individuals who have been co-authors or co-investigators (e.g. research grants) with the candidate. 
  • A list of external letter-writers clearly indicating whether the letter writer originated from the candidate’s list, the Chair’s list, or whether suggested by both.
  • The candidate’s list of external and internal reviewers who might be biased, including individuals in other UCLA departments.
  • Self-statements should be no more than 5 pages.


Appointments of faculty members from other AAU and California institutions, as well as intercampus UC recruitment, must comply with applicable policies and deadlines. Offers of appointment for faculty holding positions at any other University of California campus must be made by April 1. Offers of appointment for faculty from AAU institutions must be made by April 30.  Please refer to The CALL, Appendix 22 for more information.



 Opus can be accessed from the Academic Personnel Office website.

We believe that moving to a culture where faculty are rewarded for their advancements on a timely basis will continue to improve the environment for faculty and ensure that we meet our obligations.  We appreciate the effort that went into moving to a fully online dossier system and commend your departmental staff for the work they have done this past year.

If you have any questions, please contact Erika Chau at



Michael S. Levine

Vice Chancellor

Academic Personnel



— 2021-2022 Submission Deadlines for Academic Actions —

Due dates for submission of actions to the Academic Personnel Office from Dean’s Offices for actions effective July 1, 2022. 

School Due Date Academic Action




October 27, 2021


  • Eight-Year Limit Reviews




November 15, 2021


  • Professorial Promotions
  • Merit Advancement to Step VI
  • Initial Above-Scale Advances


January 3, 2022


  • Merit Equity Reviews

The Anderson School

Arts & Architecture




Letters & Science

School of Music

Public Affairs

Public Health

Theater, Film & TV

January 18, 2022


  • Eight-Year Limit Reviews
  • Professorial Promotions
  • Merit Advancement to Step VI
  • Initial Above-Scale Advancement


February 22, 2022


  • Appraisals of Assistant Professors
  • Renewals of Appointment for Assistant Professors
  • Accelerated Actions of Two Years or more for Assistant and Associate Professors, and Three or more years for Full Professors
  • Further Above-Scale Advances
  • All Actions for Researchers
  • Non-Senate Faculty (NSF) Initial Continuing Appointments


April 11, 2022


  • Off-Scales subject to Vice Chancellor approval
  • Associate Professor IV and V actions subject to Vice Chancellor approval


May 23, 2022

  • Five-Year Reviews
  • Deans Final Merits


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