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Summary 11: Sample Solicitation Letter for Appointments

The Council on Academic Personnel requests that letters soliciting extramural evaluations for appointment and promotion to Associate Professor or Professor in the Regular Professorial Series indicate these are tenured positions within the University of California System. Such a statement should be added, where appropriate, in the first paragraph of the following model formats.

Note: For Step VI letters, use Summary #13 and for Above-Scale letters, use Summary #14


Dear Professor__________________________:

The Department of _____________________ at UCLA has under consideration the appointment of ___________________________ as __________________________________.

Departmental custom and University policy require that extramural evaluations of the qualification and potential of each candidate for faculty appointment be secured from recognized authorities outside the University in order to supplement the factual record and to provide reviewing authorities with an independent assessment.

Accordingly, I am writing to request that you provide me with your analysis and evaluation of _____________’s scholarly (or) creative contributions with particular reference to their originality and significance (or) to the evidence they provide of potential for originality and significance. In addition, I would appreciate your comments on his teaching ability and experience, his standing within his discipline, and any other aspect of his professional competence with which you may be familiar. It would be particularly helpful if you would compare him with others in the field.

For your convenience, I am enclosing a copy of _______________’s bibliography and latest publications.

[incorporate statement on confidentiality or include on a separate page]

Your assistance in providing this analysis will be greatly appreciated.


Revised 10/13/99

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