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New "Research Professor" Title for Emeriti

UCLA is instituting the working title of “Research Professor,” designed for Professors Emeritus who continue a high level of research scholarship after retirement, and who demonstrate that their research activities since retirement have led to certain designated outcomes, including research funding or proposals, publications, and scholarly presentations.  The proposal for this new working title originated with the UCLA Emeriti Association Executive Board, and was thoroughly reviewed and strongly advocated by the Academic Senate. 

Details regarding criteria for appointment are provided in a new Appendix 38 to the CALL.  Appointments as Research Professor are to be made for three years or for the period of the Research Professor’s active grant, whichever is longer.  Renewals are possible but not automatic.  Requests for appointment as Research Professor should be initiated through the department chair or ORU Director, who will consult with the faculty of the relevant unit and make a recommendation to the appropriate dean.  Academic deans have final authority over decisions to award the Research Professor title. 

Please note that this new working title does not alter the requirements for recall of emeriti, and individuals holding the Research Professor working title will still need to satisfy those rules if they are to be recalled.  Likewise, individuals who are recalled (for example, for teaching or service) may not satisfy the criteria for the title of Research Professor.   For the rules governing recall, see Appendix 28 of the CALL.