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Summary 6: Promotion from Associate Professor to Professor

I. Applicability

The following procedural information serves to implement the policies set forth in The CALL.

Please refer to the appropriate section for clarification of terminology, review requirements, and approval authority, as these apply to the several Professorial series.

II. Requested Action

A. Deans

Deans are requested to publish supplementary instructions to Department Chairs regarding the form in which departmental recommendations are to be submitted and the deadline by which such actions are to be received in the Dean’s Office.

The Dean is asked to:

  1. assure departmental compliance with APM 220 (pdf) (see Appendix 2, "Synopsis of Academic Personnel Manual Section 220");
  2. append an independent (and detachable) recommendation;
  3. assure that the dossier is collated in accordance with the following instructions; and
  4. forward the completed dossier to the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office by the established deadline.

It is expected that Deans will retain a copy of each dossier for their files.

Following completion of the review process, the Dean is expected to inform the Chair of the final decision and any basis for any decision involving denial or alteration of the recommendation. See Appendix 20 for "Access to Academic Personnel Records."

B. Department Chairs

Department Chairs are requested to review the "Guidelines" (Appendix 1, "Guidelines for Department Chairs and Other Recommending Officers") and to comply with APM 220 (Appendix 2, "Synopsis of Academic Personnel Manual Section 220"), to determine those individuals eligible for Promotion, to secure the necessary departmental faculty review of all those eligible and of those deemed otherwise qualified for Promotion. Where the individual holds a Joint Appointment or has an extra-departmental affiliation the Chair must ensure appropriate participation to submit their recommendations in accordance with the supplementary instructions provided by their Deans.

It is expected that Department Chairs will a copy of each dossier for their files.

The above is of course subject to appropriate modification in those instances where the Dean is also the Department Chair.


III. Submission of Dossier to the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office

All Promotions

A dossier must be submitted by the Dean’s Office to the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office in support of each departmental recommendation (see Appendix 2, "Synopsis of Academic Personnel Manual Section 220").

Promotion to Professor

Submit the original dossier and one copy in the indicated order:

Minimum Dossier Content


1. Statement from the Dean A recommendation from the Dean that will be used by the Council on Academic Personnel to determine whether the action will be further reviewed by an ad-hoc committee. If an ad-hoc review committee is assigned, the Dean will be able to make further comment when the ad-hoc report is issued(detached).
2. Dean’s Nominations List of nominees that are appropriate to serve as the department representative if further ad-hoc review is required (detached).

3. Promotion Data Summary

Complete all pages of the Data Summary for Professorial Advancement and prepare Bibliography in accordance with instructions.

4. History Record

Up-to-date History record inserted immediately following Data Summary Cover Sheet.

5. Self Statement At the option of the candidate, a self statement may be included.

6. Report of the Department

A summary of the departmental assessment of the candidate prepared by the Chair. Chair’s individual recommendation (if contrary to the department recommendation) may be submitted in a separate statement.

7. Departmental Ad Hoc Report

A written report made available to faculty prior to the department vote if the Chair convened a committee.

8. List of Extramural

List of extramural authorities accompanied by a brief biography. List must indicate if authority was suggested by candidate or Department Chair.

9. Sample Solicitation Letter

A copy of the letter that was mailed to the extramural authorities.

10. Letters of Evaluation List of the extramural authorities solicited for this action. List must indicate if authority was suggested by the candidate or by the Chair. A brief, one paragraph biography of each extramural authority is required.

11. Peer Evaluation of

Reports or letters in accordance with the department’s peer evaluation teaching program.

12. Sabbatical Reports

Copies of sabbatical reports submitted for leaves taken since last review.

13. Curriculum Vitae

Do not include material already covered in the Bibliography (detached).

Dean's Office to add the Dean's Statement and Nominations.

For promotional actions that require Chancellor approval, please forward Teaching Evaluation Summaries with the dossiers.

Submit publications since advancement to Associate.

IV. Resulting Action

A. Final Action

The Academic Affairs and Personnel Office will forward to the Dean’s Office a copy of the approved or disapproved Data Summary Cover Sheet immediately upon completion of the review. For approved promotions, a letter of congratulations from the Chancellor will be forwarded by the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office to the Dean’s Office for distribution to the individual. Copies will also be provided for distribution to the appropriate Chair.

B. Resubmission

In a case in which there was a final negative decision resubmission of a departmental recommendation may be made, after appropriate departmental review of the resubmitted file, in any year succeeding the year in which the original submission was made. Except in unusual cases, a final academic personnel decision will not be reconsidered in the same year the case was originally submitted, and a resubmitted proposal will not be approved unless sufficient new evidence has been added to the file.


Revised 10/13/99