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Summary 8: Promotion to Associate, Eight-Year Limit Review and Non-Renewal of Appointment for the Assistant Professor Rank

I. Applicability

The following procedural information serves to implement the policies set forth in The CALL.

Please refer to the appropriate section for clarification of terminology, review requirements, and approval authority, as these apply to the several Professorial Series.


II. Requested Action

A. Deans

Deans are requested to check all administrative records to identify individuals subject to a renewal or Eight-Year Limit Review. They are further requested to publish supplementary instructions to Department Chairs regarding the form in which departmental reports are to be submitted and the deadline by which such reports are to be received in the Dean’s Office.

The Dean is asked to:

  1. assure departmental compliance with APM 220 (pdf) (see Appendix 2, "Synopsis of Academic Personnel Manual Section 220");
  2. append an independent (and detachable) recommendation;
  3. assure that the dossier is collated in accordance with the following instructions; and
  4. forward the completed dossier to the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office by the established deadline.

It is expected that Deans will retain a copy of each dossier received for their files.

B. Department Chairs

Department Chairs are requested to check departmental records to confirm that the lists received from their Deans are accurate. They are further requested to review the "Guidelines" (Appendix 1, "Guidelines for Department Chairs and Other Recommending Officers") and to comply with APM 220 (Appendix 2, "Synopsis of Academic Personnel Manual Section 220"), to secure the necessary departmental faculty reviews and when the individual holds a Joint Appointment or has an extra-departmental affiliation assure appropriate participation. Chairs are to forward their submissions in accordance with the supplementary instructions provided by their Deans.

If a review has been called for but is not required for any reason, the Department Chair is asked to so advise the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office in writing with copy to the Dean.


III. Submission of a Dossier to the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office

A dossier must be submitted by the Dean’s Office to the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office in support of each recommendation.

Promotion to Associate, Eight-Year Limit Review
and Non-Renewal of Appointment

Submit the original dossier and one copy in the indicated order:

Minimum Dossier Content


1. Statement from the Dean A recommendation from the Dean that will be used by the Council on Academic Personnel to determine whether the action will be further reviewed by an ad-hoc committee. If an ad-hoc review committee is assigned, the Dean will be able to make further comment when the ad-hoc report is issued (detached).
2. Dean’s Nominations List of nominees that are appropriate to serve as the department representative if further ad-hoc review is required (detached).

3. Assistant Professor Data Summary

Complete all pages and prepare Bibliography in accordance with instructions.

4. History Record

Up-to-date History Record inserted immediately following the Data Summary Cover Sheet.

5. Self Statement At the option of the candidate, a self statement may be included.
6. Report of the Department A summary of the departmental assessment of the candidate prepared by the Chair. Chair’s individual recommendation (if contrary to the department recommendation) may be submitted in a separate statement.
7. Departmental Ad Hoc Report A written report made available to faculty prior to the department vote if the Chair convened a committee.

8. List of Extramural Authorities

List of extramural authorities solicited for this action. List must indicate if authority was suggested by candidate or by the Chair. A brief one paragraph biography of each extramural authority is required.

9. Sample Solicitation Letter

A copy of the letter that was mailed to the extramural authority

10. Letters of Evaluation

The evaluations received in response to the solicitation letters. Sort in reverse chronological order. Unsolicited letters should follow in the same manner.

11. Peer Evaluation of Teaching Reports or letters in accordance with the department’s peer evaluation teaching program.
12. Sabbatical Reports Copies of sabbatical reports submitted for leaves taken since last review.
13. Curriculum Vitae Include portions or selected pages that will provide additional information for this appointment. Do not include material already covered in the Bibliography (detached).

Publications and Teaching Evaluation Summaries are to be delivered to the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office simultaneously with the dossier.

IV. Resulting Action

A. Preliminary Assessment

During a review of an Assistant Professor for promotion to the Associate rank (or other appointee of equivalent rank), if the preliminary assessment of the Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Personnel (or designee’s) is to make a terminal appointment, is not to reappoint or promote, or is contrary to the departmental recommendation, the Department Chair and the candidate shall be notified of this in writing by the Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Personnel. The candidate also shall be notified of the opportunity to request access to the records placed in the personnel review file subsequent to the departmental review in accordance with APM 160-20-c. When the candidate is provided copies of such records, the Department Chair also shall be provided with copies of the extra-departmental records. The candidate and the Chair, after appropriate consultation within the department, shall then have the opportunity to respond in writing and to provide additional information and documentation. The candidate may respond either through the Department Chair or directly to the Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Personnel. The personnel review file, as augmented by the added material, shall then be considered in any stage of the review process as designated by the Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Personnel before a final decision by the Chancellor is reached. The Chancellor’s final decision to make a terminal appointment, or not to reappoint or promote, shall not be made without the appropriate preliminary assessment notification process and opportunity to respond being provided to the candidate as specified herein.

In any case in which non-reappointment of an Assistant Professor is considered, there shall be review by the Committee on Academic Personnel. An ad hoc committee shall be appointed if the Chancellor of the Committee on Academic Personnel requests it. See APM 220-80 and 220-84.

B. Final Action

The Academic Affairs and Personnel Office will forward to the Dean’s Office a copy of the approved or disapproved Data Summary Cover Sheet immediately upon completion of the review. For approved promotions, a letter of congratulations form the Chancellor will be forwarded by the Academic Affairs and Personnel Office to the Dean’s Office for distribution to the individual. Copies will also be provided for distribution to the appropriate Chair.

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