Clinical Professor Series: Volunteer Series

  1. Definition of the Clinical Professor Series
  2. Characteristics of Series
    1. Titles and Definition
    2. Term of Service
    3. Tenure
    4. Senate Membership
    5. Approval Authority
  3. Appointments and Promotions
    1. Advancement in Rank within the Series
    2. Criteria for Appointment and Promotion
  4. Early Termination

I. Definition of the Clinical Professor Series

Appointments in this series are made to community volunteer clinicians who teach the application of clinical and basic sciences in the area of patient care in the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry or an affiliated or associated hospital or other institution. Appointments are based on departmental need for licensed practitioners from the community on a part-time unsalaried voluntary basis in the areas of teaching, patient care and clinical research. — Academic Personnel Manual Section 279 (pdf).

II. Characteristics of Series

A. Titles and Definition



Clinical Instructor

Licensed community practitioners who have completed training and recognized for their potential or demonstrated excellence in teaching quality and clinical competency.

Assistant Clinical Professor

Licensed community practitioners who are recognized for teaching excellence and clinical competency.

Associate Clinical Professor

Licensed community practitioners who are recognized for teaching excellence, clinical competence and leadership in their field.

Clinical Professor

Licensed community practitioners recognized for sustained: teaching excellence, clinical competence, and leadership in their field.

B. Term of Service

There is no limit to the number of times an appointment may be renewed or the number of years spent at each rank. All appointments, reappointments and renewals of appointment at any rank (hereinafter referred to collectively as an appointment) must have a specified ending date.

When extending an offer to individuals in this series, it is necessary for the Dean or Chair to include the following statement in any correspondence regarding their offer of an appointment or renewal of appointment:

"This appointment is for one year only, and is subject to renewal based on performance and/or the needs of the department as determined by the Dean upon the recommendation of the Chair. It is within the University's sole discretion not to reappoint an individual in this series. APM 137 (pdf), Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Term Appointment, does not apply. If an individual is not reappointed in this series, and when his or her term expires, the person will no longer be permitted to use his or her former UCLA title or a UCLA affiliation. "

Appointees in the volunteer Clinical Professor series may not be transferred to another University title. Appointment to another University title may be made after a competitive affirmative action search.

C. Tenure

Tenure or Security of Employment is not granted in association with appointment in this series.

D. Senate Membership

Appointment to this series does not confer membership in the Academic Senate.

E. Approval Authority

Authority to approve or deny recommendations rests at the level of the schools and departments according to their by-laws.

III. Appointments and Promotions

Senate review of all actions is waived for this series.

A. Advancement in Rank within the Series

Review and submission of dossiers to the appropriate departmental and/or school reviewing body are required for promotion and normally will occur during the year prior to advancement. Review for Promotion involves evaluation of performance since appointment, with emphasis on the period of service at the current rank of Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor.

B. Criteria for Appointment and Promotion

Clinical competence, departmental need, and excellence in teaching will be the primary basis for appointment, reappointment, and promotion in this series. Each department and or school will establish requirements for determination of clinical competence and establish guidelines specifying the minimum number of required hours, and teaching commitment per year appropriate for continued appointments and promotion.

Appointments at each rank and promotions between ranks will be based on specific criteria generated by each school and department having faculty in this series.

IV. Early Termination

An appointee may present a written complaint about his/her appointment or early termination of the appointment to the Chancellor for administrative review. A complaint must be filed within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of a written notice of termination. The Chancellor shall consult with the appropriate University official, such as the Department Chair or Dean, and shall make a written response to the appointee. The written response shall normally be made within 90 days of the receipt of the complaint.

APM 140 (pdf) Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Grievances, does not apply to appointees in this series.






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